NOTE DATE POSTED: march 19 2019



Counter Attendants, Cafeteria, Food Concessions, and Coffee Shop (Mobile) wanted for

Angela’s International 7 temporary and full-time positions open from 10-Jun-19 through


Job duties: Perform variety of attending duties at mobile carnival food concessions. Set

up, tear-down, operate mobile food concessions.

Post-employment random drug testing and background checks may be required, at no

cost to the worker.

No minimum education or experience required, on-the-job training will be provided.

Work schedule varies widely, typically 40 H/W Wed-Sun, 1:00PM to 10:00PM.

The job requires the applicant to be qualified, ready, willing, able, and available to

perform during the entire employment at the designated worksite; to enter into and

comply with employment contract; to follow workplace rules; and to meet job

performance standards.

Work starts in Riverview, FL and traveling to venues in: FL, NJ, NY, MD, MA, NC &


Must commute from home at prior worksite, to next worksite.

Optional mobile housing ($175.00 per week) and local convenience travel ($25.00 per

week) are available at no cost to the worker.

Employer will pay the prevailing hourly wage for each work location, ranging from

$8.83 to $13.34, average $11.10/hour.

Merit increases and/or bonuses may be awarded at employer discretion.

Equal Opportunity, FLSA (13)(a)(3) exempt employer not subject to Federal hourly

wage, overtime or recordkeeping requirements. No overtime expected. Overtime, if

any, calculated and paid as per applicable regulations.

Paid weekly. A single workweek will be used to compute wages due. All deductions

from the worker’s paycheck required by law will be made.

Work tools, supplies and equipment will be provided at no extra cost

H-2B workers will be reimbursed in the first workweek for all visa, visa processing,

border crossing, and other related fees, including those mandated by the government

(excluding passport fees). If the worker completes 50% of the work contract period,

employer will, consistent with applicable regulatory requirements, arrange and pay

directly for transportation and subsistence. Workers will be provided with or

reimbursed for outbound transportation and subsistence consistent with applicable

regulatory requirements if the employee completes the period of employment or is

dismissed from employment before the end of the period of employment. If

transportation is provided, it will be by common carrier land or air conveyance at the

option of the employer. Daily subsistence will be provided at a rate of $13.00 per day

during travel without receipts to a maximum of $51.00 per day with receipts.

This job order, including its wage and working terms and conditions, is contingent upon

prevailing legal interpretations of federal H-2B immigration and FLSA employment

law, including Department of Labor and Department of Homeland Security

regulations. If any such prevailing law is rescinded, superseded, vacated, or

substantially modified, then any affected portion of this job order will be similarly


Angela’s International LLC, 1700 Duanesburg Rd, Duanesburg NY 12056, email